About Little Ole’ Me


Name: Bryan Joshua Hill (but you can call me Joshua)

Hobbies/Interest: Music(I was as born as both a singer and musician), Cars (the European kind), Cooking ( I can make a MEAN Banana Pudding), Traveling, Watching Cartoons & Anime (Naruto Shippuden is what I’m currently hooked on), Shopping, Magazines (Hopefully I can start my own magazine one day), Reality t.v. (Those MESSY Real Housewives of Atlanta & Project Runway), and lastly anything that deals with art & design.

Blog Content: This blog will be dedicated to informing people about the latest news or things that surrounds the r&b and hip hop music industry, which will include but not be limited to music artists, showcases, new releases, award show reviews, videos, interviews, and gossip here and there.

Twitter: @JoshErrific


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